Audit knowledge management strategy

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Simplifying Auditing Standards for Small or Non-Complex Entities–Exploring Possible Solutions

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How Management Contributes to Audit Quality

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This spreadsheet-based water audit tool is designed to help quantify and track water losses associated with water distribution systems and identify areas for improved efficiency and cost recovery.

GAO Issues New Yellow Book. On July 17,the Government Accountability Office (GAO) released the Revision of Government Auditing Standards (often referred to as the Yellow Book or GAGAS).

Simplifying Auditing Standards for Small or Non-Complex Entities–Exploring Possible Solutions

GVM/14 CIBSE Guide M: Maintenance Engineering & Management Note: A Supplement to Guide M comprising an updated version of the Indicative life expectancy table (Appendix A1) is in preparation under the direction of Geoff Prudence. PMBOK® Guide. Learn more about A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) – Sixth Edition.

The IAASB Project Timetable indicates the timetable to completion for each of the IAASB's projects in progress. For active and ongoing projects, and projects completed in and beyond, visit the project’s page for access to the meeting papers, Exposure Drafts and Consultation Papers, final standards, and Staff Basis for Conclusions.

How Management Contributes to Audit Quality. by Taryn Abate, CPA, CA, CPA, Director, Audit & Assurance, Research, Guidance and Support, CPA Canada | April 9, |.

What role can management play in improving audit quality? It is a question that has been largely ignored since the financial crisis of

Audit knowledge management strategy
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