Clippy writing a letter

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Bring Microsoft Office Assistant ‘Clippy’ to iOS with WritingALetter

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You Already Email Like a Robot — Why Not Automate It?

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Forget Clippy, Microsoft Office 15 is on a cloud

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Office Assistant

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Besides asked if she cares Clippit, the personal life Cortana would answer "Definitely. Clippy is arguably the most beloved and hated animated character that Microsoft has ever come up with. We can’t think of a better way to pay tribute to the little paperclip than a whole music video.

Clippy is famous for being one of the worst user interfaces ever deployed to the mass public. He stopped users to ask them if they needed help with basic tasks, like writing a letter or making a.

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Clippy Didn’t Just Annoy You — He Changed the World

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Clippy was supposed to help answer questions and gently guide you to Office's best features, but instead, all he could tell you was "don't run with scissors and 'it looks like you're writing a.

Some 10 years ago, Microsoft tried to introduce a personal assistant for his Office suite, Clippy, in order to help their users discover new if there seem to be people that like it (MS says 50 %), it was an overall would you frame the problem, and which suggestions do you have to improve its user experience?

Perhaps that’s because while Clippy, Microsoft Office’s digital assistant, was ostensibly lurking at the corner of the screen to offer helpful assistance, in reality he was king of the unwanted question: “It looks like you’re writing a letter.

Remember Clippy ? Clippy writing a letter
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Forget Clippy, Microsoft Office 15 is on a cloud