Geography managing water supply

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Managing water sustainably

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Water resources management in modern Egypt

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Water management

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Land use change and classification. Theory of Knowledge Managing the supply and demand for water: Understand that drainage basin management arises from matching water supply to demand from urban domestic needs, industry, hydro-electricity, irrigation, recreation and / PhD student Aga Nowak and Professor Andrew Hodson from the Department of Geography have recently completed a yearlong project studying the water supply management to an isolated High Arctic community in  · factors affecting water availability: climate, geology, pollution of supply, over-abstraction, limited infrastructure, poverty.

Impacts of water insecurity – waterborne disease and water pollution, food production, industrial output, potential for conflict where demand exceeds Management of water usage in LEDCs.

There are problems in supplying water in LEDCs. These are: lack of availability of clean water; diseases spread via the water supply; water pollution; Managing water resources. One in eight people of the world population do not have access to safe water.

It considers managing water supply, new agricultural methods, flood defences and artificial glaciers. Included is an active starter activity to engage the students immediately.

Support activity sheets to summarise the key learning or support weaker students are also

Geography managing water supply
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