Pressure management on a supercritical airfoil

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Pressure Management on a Supercritical Airfoil

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Supercritical airfoil

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Pressure Management on a Supercritical Airfoil

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Supercritical airfoil

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Supercritical airfoil the pressure coefficient distribution over the top surface of a supercritical airfoil flying above m cr but below m is sketched in fig 5. A supercritical airfoil with a trailing edge flap has been the subject of aerodynamic investigation in the national aeronautical establishment's high reynolds.

Office of Management Scientific and Technical Information Division NASA Supercritical Airfoils supercritical airfoil technology to various types of air- slope of airfoil surface, dy/dx pressure, psf dynamic pressure, psf Reynolds number based on free. A supercritical airfoil is an airfoil designed, primarily, to delay the onset of wave drag in the transonic speed range.

Standard wing shapes are designed to create lower pressure over the top of the wing. Pressure distribution features can be used as objectives in the main optimization process, or in the sub-optimization process. In this section, single-objective optimizations of a supercritical airfoil with different optimization settings are compared to demonstrate the acceleration effect of sub-optimization.

distinctive supercritical airfoil is found to give inappropriate results at peak operating conditions. This led to design changes and optimization of the foil with the help of. Pressure Management on a Supercritical Airfoil Pressure Management on a supercritical aerofoil in transonic flow Abstract-At transonic speeds an aerofoil will have flow accelerate onwards from the leading edge to sonic speeds and produce a shockwave over the surface of its body.

Pressure management on a supercritical airfoil
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