Risk management in long term care

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Nursing Home Patients: Risk Management in Long Term Care (1 credit Video)

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A Risk Management Approach To Long-Term Care

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Good risk management within a long-term, acute care facility requires the support of the administrator, medical director, the director of nursing, and all staff (nursing and support) if it is to succeed. Before examining who should buy long term care insurance, a review of the risk management process will help to show how insurance works as a risk management tool.

Risk Identification There are four basic steps in the risk management process. Risk Management and Long Term Care is full of case examples, specific suggestions and recommended policies and procedures to follow in providing quality care and thereby managing risk.

The Safety and Quality of Long Term Care

-from the forewordAuthor: Andrew Weinberg MD FACP. HealthCap® Insurance partners with HealthCap® Risk Management Services, to give you the best risk management available.

HCRMS is the leader in long term care risk management—helping you reduce liability risk by improving your quality of care. Improving Patient Safety in Long-Term Care Facilities Training Modules Such changes may represent a patient safety problem, and they can be a signal that the resident is.

Long-Term Care Insurance covers employees if an unexpected accident or illness jeopardizes their ability to take care of themselves and their family. Adventist Risk Management, Inc. (ARM) has partnered with ACSIA Partners to make long-term care coverage available to employees of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the North American Division.

Risk management in long term care
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