Sharepoint project management

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Contract Lifecycle Management in SharePoint and Office 365

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Microsoft Project Server (EPM/PPM) and SharePoint

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Microsoft Project Server (EPM/PPM) and SharePoint

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How to Customize Actionspace to Your Requirements

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Contract Lifecycle Management in SharePoint and Office with Nintex Watch the Video Demonstration Check Out the White Paper. Gig Werks Contract Lifecycle Management solutions, built on SharePoint and powered by Nintex, offer unprecedented value and scalability across the enterprise.

Browse to the SharePoint site to add the Site Mailbox. On the Quick Launch, click Site Contents. On the Site Contents page, click Add an App. Select 'Site Mailbox' to add to the SharePoint site.

Easy-to-use business task management and simple project management for OfficeSharePoint and Azure. Featured in Microsoft Office Store as Editor's Picks.

Create a Project Server workflow for demand management

Team leaders and executives rely on Actionspace to effectively manage daily teamwork, track progress and ensure timely and risk-free completion of business projects.

And everything is within your familiar corporate Microsoft cloud. Contract Lifecycle Management in SharePoint and Office with Nintex Watch the Video Demonstration Check Out the White Paper. Gig Werks Contract Lifecycle Management solutions, built on SharePoint and powered by Nintex, offer unprecedented value and scalability across the enterprise.

SharePoint apps are stand-alone applications that perform specific tasks on a SharePoint site. Apps can perform functions such as managing a discussion board or knowledge base, performing project management or time tracking tasks, or doing other workflow operations.

Do you want to use SharePoint for project management? BrightWork has developed a free SharePoint Project Management Template that will get you started managing a project in no time at all!

Sharepoint project management
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